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Therapy Offices:             One block north of the Red Line Metro Station
Friendship Heights
5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1255                                                                         Chevy Chase, MD  20815                                                     (301) 951-3668

Administrative Offices:
1726  M  Street, N.W.  Suite 1100
Washington, DC  20036                                       larry.dalton@gmail.com

     We provide high quality psychotherapy to help you address your personal, emotional, psychological and behavioral problems. At the Cognitive Therapy Center, you'll receive the tools and learn the skills you need to become your own cognitive behavioral therapist.

 About the Founder and his Practice
     In the most recent survey by Washingtonian Magazine naming the best psychotherapists,sent to 1,500 therapists in the greater Washington, DC area, they asked the psychotherapist to name the therapist they would send a family member to that needed help, Dr. Dalton was selected by his peers for the category of best Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists in the greater Washington, DC metro area.
     Dr. Lawrence Dalton, a licensed psychologist, has provided Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy to the Washington, DC area since 1986.  Dr. Dalton is fully certified by and is one of the original Founding Fellows of the  Academy of Cognitive Therapy  (Dr. Aaron Beck's Cognitive Therapist accrediting organization).  
     Dr. Dalton  attended and received his Doctoral degree from George Washington University. The following year Dr. Dalton focused his training further as he completed his Post -Doctoral Fellowship training under the direct supervision of Dr. Aaron T. Beck, the founder of Cognitive Therapy, at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Psychiatry.  After his training with Dr. Beck, he moved back to the Washington, DC area to open a Cognitive Therapy Center.

                         Cognitive Therapy Can Help You Change
     This practice is dedicated to offering high quality Cognitive Behavior Therapy to the Washington, DC metro area.  When medications or traditional psychotherapy have not been effective or are not enough alone, Cognitive Therapy offers a valuable addition or alternative.  Dr. Dalton finds Cognitive Therapy and his personal years of experience are most effective in treating problems such as those mentioned below:

Cognitive Therapy is an effective treatment for these Emotional, Psychological and Personal Problems:   Over 400 research studies have shown Cognitive Behavior Therapy to be effective with many psychological and emotional problems, below are listed just a few:

      Panic Attacks
      Anxiety Attacks and Health Worries
      Generalized Anxiety and Free Floating Anxiety
      Depression, Mood Disorders, and Suicidal Thinking
      Social Anxiety, Shyness,
      Speaking Fears, Performance Anxiety
      Phobias, General and Specific Phobias
      Obsessive or Compulsive Thinking
      Anger Management Issues
      Generalized Negative and Pessimistic Thinking
      An Inability to Change and Reach Your Goals

Personality Style Modification and Effectiveness
Cognitive therapy &  training provides people the skills to be more functional at home, at work and with themselves. Changing a maladaptive personality style can help change a life: 

       Perfectionist Personality, High-Demand Expectation Person
       Workaholic Personality
       Anger-Aggression Personality or Passive Personality
       Avoidant Personality, Shy Personality
       Autonomous Personality, Entitlement Personality
       Hypochondriac Personality, Health Worrier
       Obsessive-Compulsive Personality
       Dependent Personality, Negative Personality

Life Stressor Management:
Managing stressors related to work, relationships, money, aging, legal problems, adult ADHD coaching, disability management, traffic, death, etc. and using the CT methods to replace maladaptive strategies for coping with life's problems with more functional and adaptive thinking and behavioral strategies.

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