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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:   CBT has beendemonstrated in hundreds of research studies to be an effective treatment for avariety of emotional, psychological disorders and problems for adults, older adults, childrenand adolescents. Here are listed just some of the psychological, emotional and behavioral problems Cognitive Therapy can help you change.

Anxiety -  Anxiety Attacks -  Panic Disorder -  Agoraphobia
All types of Phobias and Worry Problems
Social Anxiety / Social Phobia, Shyness
Performance Anxiety -  Public Speaking Anxiety
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Worry about medical conditions real or imagined
Depression -  Low Self Esteem  - Low Mood  -  Hopelessness
Poor sleep - Loss of appetite  Low energy
Poor Concentration  & Constant Ruminations
Bi-Polar Disorder
Anger control   -  Work Stress  -  Stress at Home
Attention Deficit Disorder 
Personality Disorders and Personality Style Problems
Generalized Negative and Pessimistic Thinking Style
An Inability to Change and Reach Your Goals   

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